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Before you begin:  Get out the PIN number you received during your last office visit.  If you HAVE NOT received a PIN number, call our office before you register here.  Your PIN is a unique number assigned to you for a one-time use to verify your identity and link you as a patient in our system.

Portal Activation in 3 Easy Steps:

Create Portal Account                     
To begin, read all 3 steps then click the large green button below to accept the portal terms and follow the prompts.  Next, you will create your own User ID, password, and password recovery questions.  The User ID and password you create here is what you will use to login the next time you visit the portal.

Verify Identity
You will use your case-sensitive PIN number as a one-time key to verify your identity and link your portal account with our system.  Once you verify your identity you can securely discard your PIN number.

Finalize Registration
Important:  You must submit your Preferred Method of Contact to finalize your portal registration.