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Please Note, messages sent from the Patient Portal are not checked by the office outside of business hours.  Call the office for important questions or call 911 for emergencies.

Portal Support Line: 781-338-7200

Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00a–5:00p EST - Voicemail: 24/7
Use the help line or email technical support for:
  • Password/username issues
  • Trouble with your PIN or logging in
  • Linking family accounts
  • Questions regarding registration email Portal Support
DO NOT send clinical or personal information in a portal support email

How do I cancel my portal account?

You may call the office to cancel your portal account.  781-338-7200

See minimum workstation requirements for Secure Message and Patient Portal

Hardware: Any that will support Web browsers
Operating Systems: Any that will support Web browsers
Web Browser: Internet Explorer 9 and above; Firefox/Safari/Chrome: current at release

This portal is not compatible with Internet Explorer version 8 or lower.

  Call your Doctor’s office for:
  • Questions regarding lab results
  • Communication/messaging issues
  • Medical questions
  • Questions understanding data in your chart